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The Idea

Test leading direct communications automation platforms for potential fit with Microsoft's megalith follow up challenge was a logical next step.

The goal: To implement pre-approved templates and assets that aligned to each product and potential issue that would be selected based upon interactions with the CRM during the support call. 

Ultimately building a custom email communication loaded with helpful instructions, video tutorials and links on the fly with only 3-5 clicks by a call center rep.

The Result

A massive reduction in time per email response and increase in email quality / relevance. Email creation times went from 5-10 mins per call to sub 30 seconds. Saving Microsoft millions per day in call center costs and delivering faster client response times.


Beyond providing helpful information to the customer, these emails were also loaded with up-sell / cross-sell content. So support emails now became revenue generators.

The Insight

Microsoft has been a global leader in all things tech now for multiple generations. With products ranging from game systems, personal computers, software and enterprise solutions the support process is a mammoth effort of global scale. 

In a game of tens if not hundreds of millions of support calls, every moment in response to a support issue can mean millions of dollars globally. For each support call reps were spending between 3-5 minutes sending a follow up email to the client. 

A huge opportunity was present to leverage business rules and dynamic email templates to build the follow up email as the rep trouble shot issues with the client in realtime. Potential for a better customer experience and millions saved in callcenter time weekly across the globe. 



Turbo charging the Microsoft customer experience with dynamic email technology.

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