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Bleekerstone Real Estate


To celebrate 50 years of skate culture hand customization Van's wanted to change the game.

The Insight

The real estate market in California, let alone LA is a crowded one. It is tough to stand out amongst all of the clutter and competition.

Bleekerstone was a new start up firm needing to make a quick splash in the market so visual design and user experience were going to be key.  They were beginning from the ground up in an exciting new venture needed every thing from a logo to business cards and a website. 

The Idea

Take advantage of the existing beauty around Bleekerstone's business. The homes! 

The company operates in the high-end neighborhoods around LA including West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Malibu. So we had tons and tons of eye candy to work with. As a brand concept we kept the logo and mark simple as we wanted the photos to do all of the talking. In fact, each business card had a unique picture of a home they were representing. This could be changed out each time they needed to reorder. 

The site was built to be all digital eye candy on both desktop and mobile with minimal brand colors, large image driven header sections and image galleries.

The Result

A new company launched - brand, signage, cards and website in a matter of weeks.

The website features easy admin for update of properties from any smart phone, realtime chat connected to the realtor's smartphone app, click to call, directions and email from mobile access bar. 

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