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How do you market somewhere that no one should know where it is?
Akai is a hot new speakeasy built in the hidden space behind Musume sushi restaurant. The ownership of Musume wanted to create a unique world class invitation and online experience that would be truly unexpected and rival their favorite speakeasies in New York and Los Angeles.
Create a digital experience that is every bit as mysterious as the speakeasy it self.
Our approach to the digital experience was for the patron to have to go on a bit of a journey in an extremely simple, vague, yet beautiful site to find the key that unlocks the ability to request a reservation. Hint: It might be in red. Then the patron was lead through a series of automated text communications that shrouded the process in even more of a riddle.

Only a whisper

Creating a digital experience for marketing that cannot be spoken.
Web Development
A truly unique online & offline speakeasy experience that  drove excitement & local acclaim.
The website acted as a digital “hidden speakeasy door” every detail designed was to have a throwback to the prohibition era. With a splash of Japanese flair and style, just like the sake & high end whiskey served at the bar.
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