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Elevating the brand's knowledge of what each consumer wants & needs.

The Insight

The consumer has higher expectations of a brand’s understanding of who they are. 


As a telecommunications giant AT&T has more data on their clients than most clients could ever dream of. The trick. Making sense of it. Distillation of millions of signals as to what the customer actually wants in a relationship with the brand. 


The next challenge: How do we design and execute creative that will speak to segments of baby boomers, gen x, gen y and millennials that connect to the heart of how they communicate and see value.

The Idea

Leverage machine learning and advanced data sciences to distill customer intelligence down into a 50 point actionable customer profile.


This profile is meant to be accessible across all marketing channels and include notes from location, demographics, psychographics, behavior through purchase and operational funnels and more. 


Once the profile reached completion, design creative templates that could receive micro-creative modules targeted to those exact data points using dynamic creative triggering & creation engines such as products in the Adobe and Oracle Suite.

The Result

A customer centric approach to data driven intelligence and creative design. By distilling the data down to be less daunting, insights stood out easier. 


Instead of boiling the ocean, we started with one channel email. Redesigning the header then so on down the template for relevance and resonance with each audience. Resulting in a fully revamped and highly successful rewards program that delivered actual value aligned to each audience.

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